Praxis International Journal of Social Science and Literature (PIJSSL) with ISSN 2581-6675 and SJIF 2022 = 5.75, CIF 2019 = 5.991 calls for papers from Scholars, Academicians, Social Scientists, and Researchers around the world to submit their unpublished original work for upcoming issues. 

It is a monthly, open-accessed, multidisciplinary, and peer-reviewed online journal. It is indexed with reputed platforms including Dimensions, ScienceGate, SCILIT, Research Bible, CROSSREF, Directory of Open Access Scholarly Resources (ROAD), OpenAIRE, ABCD Index, SciSpace, Semantic Scholar, Scite, and R Discovery. 

It provides a platform for research scholars, academicians, professionals, practitioners, or students who wish to contribute and share his/her knowledge, experience, and expertise in the form of high-quality empirical and theoretical academic research papers, case studies, literature reviews, survey reports, dissertation, book reviews, etc.  Praxis International Journal accepts manuscripts from Social Science, Humanities, and Literature.

The prime aim and purpose of the journal are to facilitate academicians, research scholars, professionals, practitioners, intellectuals, researchers, students, and commoners from around the sphere for enrichment, enhancement, and dissemination of the knowledge, findings, concepts, conceptual framework, analytical and simulation models, technical note, hypothesis or discovery to any readers which can be openly available here. 

Subjects covered in the journal are History, Anthropology, Geography, Home Science, Human Resources, Population Science, Industrial Laws, Journalism and Mass Communication, Management, Marketing, Organizational Behaviour, Psychology, Psychiatry, Philosophy, Political Science, Public Administration, Human Rights, Animal Rights, Women and Gender Studies, Peace and Conflict Resolution, International Relations, Religious Studies, Global Peace Studies, Oriental Studies, Environment, Banking, Business and Commerce, Corporate Governance, Education, Linguistics, Language Studies, Economics, Social Work, Social Welfare, Development and Social Practice, Sociology, Rural Development, Tourism Management, Social Media, Fine Arts, Internet, English Literature etc. 

Types of Contribution: You may submit a research paper, survey report, case studies, review papers, comparative studies, dissertations, chapters, research proposals, or synopsis. You can also ask your queries on WhatsApp by clicking

Coverage of Countries: So far we have published papers from more than 25 countries including China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Greece, the United States, the United Kingdom, Nepal, Malaysia, Japan, Srilanka, Pakistan, Thailand, Taiwan, Hongkong, Algeria, Bhutan, Myanmar, Philippines, Vietnam,  TRNC, Iraq etc. 

How to Submit: You may submit your unpublished manuscript to Praxis International Journal through the email If you have any questions, you can ask via email or WhatsApp at +91-9135874300.