Volume - 5, Issue - 4

Cover Page 

Socio-Cultural Position of Women in India: A Historical Perspective
Tejendra Pratap Singh 
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Auschwitz's Jewish Feminist Theology
Djaouida Ghanem 
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स्वामी विवेकानन्द की दृष्टि में भक्तियोग की साधना
प्रवेश जाटव
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पाली साहित्य में वर्णित प्रकृति एवं पर्यावरण
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The Participation and Willingness of Chinese Urban Residents in Community Activities: a Case Study in Shandong
WANG Lijie
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India-Nepal Relations during the Modi Government Era
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Representation of the Twentieth-Century American City: An African American Perspective
Sakshi Singh
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Sustainability and Literacy: The Human and Environmental Cost of Emergency Measures
Ikshula Arora
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Survivability of Print Media in the Age of ICT: A Case of Dialect Newspapers in Manipur
Dr. Haoginlen Chongloi
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Literature Reconfigured through Hypermedia in the Pandemic Times
Dr. Hind HANAFI, Dr. Sayah Lembarek Samira
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Challenges before Internal Security of India
Dr. Ramesh Kumar
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Character Education Media Based on Javanese Culture through the Yogyakarta Classical Ketoprak Script “Keris Mataram
Yohanes Kristiaji, Sarwiji Suwandi, Arif Setyawan
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Rammohun’s Tuhfat-ul-Muwahhidin and Bengal Renaissance: A Study
Poulami Roy
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Nonviolent Interventions to deal with Violent Behaviour and Conflicts
Dr. Lipi Jain
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Mahesh Dattani : Drama and Marginality
Dr. Panchanan Halder
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वैश्वीकरण के संदर्भ में महिला चुनौतियाँ
डॉ० विमलेश यादवकुमारी लक्ष्मी
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वर्तमान समाज में गाँधी-दर्शन की प्रासंगिकता
शिवांगी सिंह
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Role of Research Ethics and Academic Integrity in Higher Education: Avoidance of Plagiarism in Research Endeavour
Dr. Reshmi S
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Gender Audit in Higher Education:  A step to ensure equity and access
Dr Punita Gupta
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नील विद्रोह - एक ऐतिहासिक विश्लेषण (1859-60)
रितु रानी
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