August, 2020

VOL - 3, ISSUE – 08; AUGUST, 2020

Buddhist Perspective to Combat COVID-19 Pandemic by Practicing Mindful Meditation 
Ven. Thich Giac Lam (Le Dinh Son)
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Right to Write: Literary Controversies and Controversial Literature Write to Write 
Salini LR
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Comprehension of Practical Theory of Impermanence to Face COVID-19 Pandemic  
Bhikkhuni. Thich Nu Hanh Vien (Mai Thi Diem)
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Endangerement of Birhor Language
Anju Kumari
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हरिशंकर परसाई के व्यंग्य-साहित्य की विशेषता
वैशाली सिंह
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प्रताप की पत्रकारिता दृष्टि 
सुधान्शु बाजपेयी
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वैयक्तिक भिन्नता एवं शिक्षा 
कमलावती कुमारी 
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