Volume - 4, Issue - 8

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The Dichotomous Concept of Tradition: A Review
Dr. Pradyumna Sarma
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040801

Factors Impacting on Job Satisfaction and Job Performance of Mongolian Small-Medium Enterprises
Altanzul Gunsamba, Shu Fang Yuan
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040802

Comparative Study of Western Gymnastics on the Evolution of Modern Postural Yoga
Priyanka Joshi
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040803

हिन्दी कविता की तीसरी धारा
मुकेश मानस
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040804

हिन्दी दलित स्त्री कविता : नई चेतना, नए स्वर
रजनी बाला अनुरागी
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040805

श्वेताश्वतरोपनिषद्भाष्यस्य शङ्करकर्तृकत्वविमर्श: (पूर्वपक्ष:) 
Dr. Radhakanta Panda
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040806

Modi’s Pakistan Policy: A Departure from the Past?
Dr. Uma Shankar
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040807

Role of Leadership Style in Creating Senior Secondary School Culture and Its Effects on Student’s Learning
Sangeeta Singh, Dr. Satyendra Gupta
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040808

Narcissism Self-Esteem and Impact of Selfie Posting on Social Networking Sites among Adolescents and Adults
Ayesha Azmat
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040809

ब्रिटेन में भारतीय दलित प्रवासियों में अस्मिता उभार और चेतना
डॉ. अश्वनी कुमार शर्मा, डॉ. प्रदीप कुमार
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040810

स्त्रीणां शिक्षाधिकारः
Palas Mondal
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040811

फाँस’ उपन्यास और भारतीय किसान समस्या
क्षमा यादव
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040812

An Analysis of Awareness Level among Respondents towards Smart Cities and Green Marketing
Satyanand, Dr. Surinder Singh
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040813

Internal Migration in Mizoram: Highlights of Census Data
N. Pautunthang
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040814