Volume - 6, Issue - 2

Cover Page 

Case Study on the Status of Children coming from the Red Light Area of Khidderpore, Kolkata
Afsari Khatoon, Dr. Kausik Chatterjee
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National Education Policy and Its Role in Building Modern India in the 21st Century
Vivekanand Kishore
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The Alchemist- A Quest For Self
Dr. Shivaji N. Shinde
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Sports Competition Anxiety of Male Players in Kalyani University of Different Sports: A Comparative Study
Abdul Hye, Dr. B Jonh, Dr. Subhabrata Kar
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Educational Value of the ‘Methil’ Tradition in Ngawi District
Yusuf Ardiansyah, Sumarwati, Djoko Sulaksono
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Attitude Defined in New Perspective - An Extension of TAM 3 Model Special References to Service Sector Segment 
Debasish Sarkar
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The CPI and the AISF : A Special Reference to BPSF and Communist Women (1936-1947)
Dr. Arindam Datta
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Women’s Participation in e-Governance: A Case Study of Common Service Centres in Rural West Bengal     
Sudeshna Dutta
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Globalization: Indian Culture Experiencing an Indentity Crisis
Dr. Irani Sahu
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LGBTQIA Representation in Indian English Literature
Kingshuk Banerjea
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Demystifying Distrust: Exploring the Metaphysically Archaic Link between the Northeast and the Mainland India      
N Eshika
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The Menace called ‘Dowry’: A Reading of Tagore’s Dena Paona and Aparichita    
Dr. Irona Bhaduri      
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Foundationalism and the Way out to Deal with Infinite Regress
Rajnee Devi   
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Customer Satisfaction: A study on Selected Customers of Union Bank of India, West Bengal  
Bishnu Pada Dey, Srijit Seal
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Experimental Study on Perception of In-Service Teachers by Using TLM in Mathematics Class 
Gouri Shankar Mishra, Dr. Kausik Chatterjee
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