Volume - 6, Issue - 1

Cover Page 

Perspectives of Orientalism in Shikasta and The Sirian Experiments by Doris Lessing
Gautam Chatterjee, Dr. Achala Sharma
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Uneven Environment: Ecocritical Understanding of the Postcolonial Land
Adrija Basu
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The Visual-Material Culture Dichotomy and the Diaspora: A Study of Amitav Ghosh’s The Shadow Lines
Sahreen Niyaz
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Bernard Williams on Bodily Continuity as a Criterion for Personal Identity: A Critical Analysis
Ankita Kushwaha
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Simulation and Dissimulation in Shakespeare’s History Play Henry IV Parts 1 And 2
Anuradha Basu
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The Ethical Implications of Giving Animals Human Status or Personhood must be Taken into Consideration: A Comprehensive Analysis    
Priyanka Debnath
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The Class Project: What Interest? 
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The Influence of Neuroprediction & AI in The Forensic / Criminal Justice System
Surajit Saha
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The Sanitary Movement and Changing Land Use Patterns Of Bombay City (1860-1957)  
Dr. Madhu Kelkar
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Management Practices Towards Reduction of Risks among Hotels in Iloilo City 
Deborah Charisse D. Jagodilla
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Building Environment Consciousness in Children: How Far has India Gone?
Sayati Ghosh
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