Volume - 6, issue - 7

Cover Page 

Dynamics of Change in Geography – A Response to Capitalocene Cliodynamics
Sucheta Mukherjee
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Understanding Nationalism: Independence of the Indian Subcontinent and the Formation of Bangladesh
Binoy Roy
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Impact of Online Learning on Student Engagement and Academic Performance
Ritika Anand, Naveen Gupta
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A Patriarch of One’s Own Clutching the Chains That Bind: Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind
Subho Ghosh     
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ICT: A Benison to the Education Sector
Elizabeth Susan Kuriakose
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Mate Drinks: Evolution, History, and Contemporary Times!
Darshana Bhattacharjee
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Greening the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI): Mapping China's Green Infrastructure Development Policy
Prakash R
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Position of Live-In Relationship (India & World)
Avadhesh Kumar, Richa Chauhan
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An Essay on Historiography: Some Recent Writings on Assimilation and Antagonism in Pre-Modern India
Dr. Anjan Saha
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The Problem of Non-Comprehension in Literacy Classrooms: An Exploration in Indian Context
Swarnlata Sah
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China And Afghanistan: A Marriage of Convenience
Mohammad Daanyal Zaidi, Gandhi Riyang
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Scrapping Article 370 on Kashmir’s Special Status: Shifting Pakistan’s Emphasis from Conflict to Diplomacy
Dr. Sawaira Rashid
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Women and Dalit Oppression and Suppression: Searching for Historical Background
Upama Biswas, Jaya Biswas
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Introducing Flipped Classroom for Enhancing Learning Outcomes
Md. Ala Uddin, Sarmin Akter, Nahida Sultana Mili
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Political Dimensions of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor for Pakistan
Dr. Muhammad Ikram     
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Investigating Laura Esquivel’s Magical Realist Techniques in Like Water for Chocolate
Dr. Md. Mohoshin Reza
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