Volume - 6, issue - 6

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A Comparative Study of LGBT+ Characters in Indian Cinema with its Latin American Counterparts
Kingshuk Banerjea
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In the Light of Absurdism: A Comparative Study of Tom Stoppard's Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead and Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot
Atanu Patra
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Representation Factors Behind the Value of Humanism in The Folklore of The Special Region of Yogyakarta
Muhammad Alfian Hermawan, Budhi Setiawan, Atikah Anindyarini
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Changing Dynamics of Bhutan’s Foreign Policy: Implications for India
Subhomoy Barman
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Emotional Intelligence (EI): A Key to Employee Motivation and Growth of Selected Employees in Private Sectors
Dr. Mourlin, K, S.J.
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Women Soaring High with Literary Flight
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Indian Elections: An inclusive study of ‘Money’ & ‘Muscle’ Power
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Causes and Consequences of the Decline of the “One Party Dominance” of the Indian National Congress
Dr. Md. Aftab Alam
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Role of Swachh Vidyalaya in Promoting Sustainable Development: A Case Study of the Schools of West Bengal
Prof. Devarati Mandal, Dr. Somdatta Banerjee
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Sweet Rice and Postcolonialism: Uncovering the Layers of Identity, Cultural Hybridity, and Self-independence in Amir Hussain's Short Story
Ahsan Hamza, Muhammad Touseef , Muhammad Sulman
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The Impact of Climate Change on Indigenous Knowledge and Cultural Practices
Md Mahir Daiyan
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The Stylization of Art and Mysticism in the Context of Bangladesh
Siti Fatima
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An Overview of the Developments in the Discipline of Human Rights
Dr. Anita Agarwal
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Customer Perception Towards Electric Vehicles with Special Reference to the Coimbatore District
Dr. S. Thangamani, Anas Mohammed A
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The Role of the All India Women’s Conference in Educational Reform in India, 1927-67: A Case Study
Sudeshna Mitra, Swapna Ghosh
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