March, 2020

VOL - 3, ISSUE – 03;MARCH, 2020

Value Education: An Exposition and Analysis with Specific Reference to Rabindranath Tagore
Dr. Shahnawaz Sharief
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Explaining the Main Themes through the Chiastic Structure in Sura e Zukhruf, Chapter 43 of Quran
Shamaila Amir, Prof. Dr Ahmad Saeed, Dr Muhammad Akhtar Kang
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USA Strategies to Asia: An Analysis from Realist Perspective
Shujahat Ali, Nabila Aftab, Muhammad Fahim Khan
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A Study on the comparative analysis of "Sadgati" by Ray and "Article 15" by Sinha
Punam Yadav
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योगसूत्र के परिप्रेक्ष में समाधि की उपयोगिता
शरद पंढरीनाथ सोनवने
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The Role of Sexuality as Represented through Media, in the Construction of a Nationalistic Discourse 
Mukesh Kumar, Kalyani
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