Volume - 6, Issue - 3

Cover Page

Not a Background but an Environment: Mapping the Contours of Dattani’s Stagecraft
Keka Das
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Making Sense of Dalit Fury in Tamil Cinema: Dalit Anger as a Moral Emotion in Asuran (2019)
Mukesh Kumar Bairva
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Construction of Women in the Liberation War Literature of Bangladesh: An Alternative Reading
Dr. Fahmida Haque
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COVID-19 and Its Impact on Elderly in India: A Sociological Assessment
Sunil K., Dr. Ashwini B. Jane
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The notion of 'fun' in Shyam Selvadurai's fiction, 'Funny Boy'
Reshmi Ghosh
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Looking at Sita and the Forest in Volga’s retelling, The Forest of Enchantments and Reamker
Indrani Ray
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Negotiating disability as a ‘deficit’ and/or ‘difference’: A Study of Shifting Research Paradigms in the Representation of the Autistic Subaltern
Sahreen Niyaz
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Understanding the Role of Automation in Society
Muhammad Touseef, Dr. Saira Siddiqui, Nabeela Farah
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Women's self-health care - Analysis using DHS V and VII India Data
Binay Shankar, Bipasa Banerjee
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Investigating Early Historic Urbanity of South Bihar
Chirantani Das
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Influencing Factors of Vocational Training Satisfaction
Wei-Shang Fan, Kuo-Chung Huang, Ko-Chia Hsu
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Confessional Poetry: The Birth of ‘the Age of Autobiographical Writing’
Dr. Anissa Sboui
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Analysis of Marriage Practices in the Informal Economy, using Instrumental Variables on IHDS Panel Data
Binay Shankar, Bipasa Banerjee, Kajal Verma, Shivani Mohan
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Addressing Inequality due to the Digital Divide Following Rapid Digitalization in Many Countries in the Region
Boby Narayan
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