Volume - 4, Issue - 5

Cover Page 

Strategic significance in Indo-Pacific region
Dr. Naorem Sumanta Singh
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040501

Trust in the sharing economy: An improvement in terms of customer intention
Karun Bhujel, Khemraj Sharma, Dr. Hsing-Kuang Chi, Dr. Wen-Tzu Lin
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040502

The Effect of Status Consumption and Social Value on the Cambodians’ Consumer Luxury Purchasing Intention
Tang Chisen, Liao Ying-Kai
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040503

The Influence of Corporate Social Responsibility on Consumer Post-Purchase Behavior of Piphup Thmey Residential Area in Cambodia
Tang Gekhor, Liao Ying-Kai
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040504

The Detective-Cum-Narratologist: The Trope of Whodunit in Rian Johnson’s Knives Out
Manidip Chakraborty
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040505

Judicial Review: A Comparative Study India, UK and USA
Sandeep Kumar
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040506

Experimental Study on Pervious Concrete Pavement Using Recycled Material and Superplasticizer
Mohammad Rajiuddin, Mohibullah
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040507

Role of Illusions in the Dynamics of Relationships in All My Sons
Dr. Manisha Mishra
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040508

वैश्विक महामारी में वंचित वर्ग के सामाजिक सरोकार
हरिराम मीणा
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040509

पातंजलि की योग शिक्षा का विवेकानन्द के राजयोग पर प्रभाव और उनके शैक्षिक विचारों के निहितार्थ
राकेश गौतम
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040510