Volume - 6, issue - 5

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An Analysis of Indian Music Aesthetics with Particular Reference to Hindustani Classical Music
Dr. Tanmoy Pal
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Disability in Hindu Mythology: A Reflection
Arti Rai
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Novelist Hayfāʼ Bayṭār and the Theme of Divorce in Her Novel Yawmiyyāt Muṭalliqa/ Diaries of a Divorcer: A Self-Narrative or Self-Flogging؟
Dr. Hanan Bishara
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The Adverse Impact of the Forbidden Scenes in the Present Performing Arts
Dr. Manisha Misra
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Power Struggle in South Asia Region: Hanging between Soft and Hard Balance Competition
Dr. Sawaira Rashid, Dr. Muhammad Ikram
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The Creation of Tradition and the Alteration of Social Structure by the Mystic Baul Fakir Lalon Shah
M Shahinoor Rahman, Mossammad Salma Sultana, M Mostafizur Rahman
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A Cross Sectional Study on the Existence of Glass Ceiling in the Corporate Sector
Reema Basfore
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Investment Behavior of Working Women: A Study
Manasa B, Prof. Ishwara P
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A special Reference to Pride, Identity and Belonging in Eugene O'Neill’s play “The Hairy Ape”
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Solar Energy Adoption in India: A Comparative Analysis across States with a focus on West Bengal
Moumita Ghosh, Achiransu Acharyya
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State, Land and Livelihood
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Science Teachers’ Capabilities in Teaching Biology in the Junior High School: Bases for Competency Enhancement Program
Shannon L. Nietes
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Contemporary Amelioration of Educational Parlance towards Exclusion and Disparity: “Digital Village”
Srija Chakraborty
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Yoga's Social Tapestry: An Inquiry into Transnational Influences in India
Dinesh, Dr. Ganesh Shankar
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