Vol. 7, No. 05

Cover Page

Fostering Effective Communication and Harmony at the Workplace
Dr. Deepa Goel, Girish Kumar Singh, Dr. Sandhya Sharma
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Financial Inclusion: Development and Growth in India
Mohammed Avais
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The Imagination of Nation India - Popular Iconography and Cultural Repertoire Beyond State Auspices
Dr. Samarpita Ghosh-Ray
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Revisiting the Dark Continent: Unveiling the Distorted Narrative of Africa's History
Rehanul Hoque
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Media: Facilitator or Hinderer of Communal Harmony?
Madhvendra, Dr. Rajesh Kumar Singh
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Evaluating the Implementation of Internship Program of D.El.Ed. Course
Dr. Sudip Mukherjee, Sushanta Shil
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The Influence of the US Market on Herding Behaviour in Indian Equity Market
Suman, Dr. D.P. Warne
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