Volume - 6, issue - 11

Cover Page

A Review on the Major Challenges and Solutions to Address Solid Waste Management Practices in India for Crafting a Sustainable Environment
Dr. Dipti Mayee Sahoo, Sharma Khemraj, Wann Yih Wu
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Clear Light of Day: Exploring Social Dynamics through Illuminating Relationships
Md. Jobaar Talukder, Prakash Chandra Biswas
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Social Media’s Role in Farmers’ Movement: A Study
Dr. Krishan Kumar, Dr. Balaram Bind
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Overcoming Trauma: Exploring the Hijras' Traumatic Experiences in the Selected Trans Narratives
Rimjim Boruah, Dr Madhulina Choudhury
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Ethno-Cultural Aspects in Indian Culture
Saurabh Patanwar, Dr. Merily Roy, Dr. Tarlochan Kaur
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A Study on the theme of Reconstructing Woman’s Identity with reference to Easterine Kire’s Mari
Huirem Belu Chanu
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Sophocles’ Antigone: A Study of Creon as an Aristotelian Tragic Hero
Chimi Deka, Dr. Kamaleswar Kalita
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The Glimpse of the Ordinary in Partha Pratim Deb’s Art Practice
Somaditya Datta
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Impact of Forest on Environmental Sustainability and Economical Growth, Nadia District, West Bengal, India
Milan Biswas, Dr. Subhasis Mondal
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