Volume -5, Issue - 10

Cover Page 

Thinking Intersectionality through Narrative Strategies – a Case Study of Meena Kandasamy’s The Gypsy Goddess
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Family Resilience and Treatment Adherence in Schizophrenia Patients with and Without Remission: A Comparative Study
Bikash Ranjan Mohanta, Basudeb Das, Dipanjan Bhattacharjee, Krishna Kumar Tiwari
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Exploring Burning Problem of Skill Deficit in India and Strategies Proposed by Government to Overcome
Boby Narayan, Dr. Sangeeta Jauhari, Dr. Smitha Pillai
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Uborampe from Metri Tuk Babon Tradition: Preserving Local Wisdom of Javanese
Rhikmaninditya Cahyaning Devi, Muhammad Rohmadi, Supana
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Revisiting Tagore and Dewey on the Horizon of Liberal Education
Kashifa Gulnaz
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Caste, Hegemony and Contestation: Reflecting on B.R. Ambedkar as an Organic Intellectual
Mukesh Kumar Bairva
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COVID 19 Pandemic-Issues and Challenges in India: A Case Study of Rajasthan
Ram Swroop Meena
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Graphical Representation of Unequal Power Relations in a State-Owned Newspaper: Political Representation of Us and Them in Ghana
Dr. Eric Kwadwo Amissah, Kwabena Nduro, Dr. Eric Agyarkoh
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When Reality Goes Beyond Fiction. The Question of Realism in the Novels of El Mostafa Bouignane
Abdeljalil EL KADIM
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An Assessment of the Implementation of Complementary Services Among the Extreme Poor Population in Ghana: The Impact of COVID-19
Richard Akuetteh Adjetey, Abraham Tetteh Teye
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The Significance of Early Indian Philosophies and Practices in Post-COVID Education System
Avinash Barman
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