Volume - 6, issue - 10

Cover Page

Blended Learning through Google Classroom for the Learning during Covid-19 Pandemic: A Need Analysis
Dwi Setyaningsih, Andayani, Supana
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The Role of the Mid-Day Meal Scheme in Increasing the Students' Enrollment and their Nutritional Status in School in Bolpur Sub Division, West Bengal
Nilufar Yasmin, Dr. Subhasis Mondal
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Influence of Yoga and Physical Activities on the Physiological Health of College Students
Md Osman Goni, Dr. Ganesh Khandekar, Dr. Subhabrata Kar
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Leadership Behaviour as Preferred by Male Volleyball Players
Ashabul Islam Sarkar, Dr.Bramhesh Shrivastava, Dr.Subhabrata Kar
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A Study of the Challenges for Southeast and South Asian Students Studying in Taiwan
Khemraj Sharma, Prof. Hsinkuang Chi, Prof. Wann Yih Wu
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Vibrant Village Programme: India’s Infrastructure Push  in the Border Villages of Arunachal Pradesh
Ripi Bagra
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The Study of Factors Contributing to the Decline in the Interest of Students towards Mathematical Learning
S. Vidhyashree, D. S. Madhumathi
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Impact of Lifestyle on Parasocial Relationships
Dr. Kanchan Shukla
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Conditions of Single Parent Families and their Impact on Children: A Study on Socio-economic Challenges in Kathmandu.
Boby Joseph Thadathil, S.J
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The Comparative study of the impact of human resource development policies on scholar’s attraction and Retention: The Case study in Vietnam National University, Hanoi
Nam Hoang Do, Huong Lien Thi Nguyen
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The idea of “Own Space” through “Vignettes” in Sandra Cisneros’ The House on Mango Street
Amar Bahadur Sherma
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Moroccan Arabic and Media: Linguistic, Sociolinguistic and Pragmatic Approach
Laila Sbaai, Faouzia Ourbiaa, Hafida El Amrani, Ali Fallous
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Cultural Significance of Numbers in India
Rabindranath Sarma, Ratnesh Kumar Mishra, Kanchan Kumari
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Impact of Online Advertising on Consumer Buying Behaviour
Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Ms. Varsa
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