Volume - 4, Issue - 9

Cover Page 

United Front Government’s Foreign Policy: More Continuity than Change
Dr. Uma Shankar
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040901

Common Grammatical Mistakes in Writing English as a Second Language Made By the Senior Secondary Students of Government Schools in Eastern Province
Vanmathy Remoshan
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040902

A Semiotic Study of the Film Posters of Mira Nair from 1988 to 2016
Shrestha Bhattacharya
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040903

ब्रह्मविहार में आगत उपेक्खा भावना : एक अनुशीलन 
कमलेश अहिरवार
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040904

दलित आलोचना की नई दिशाएं और संभावनाएं 
रजनी बाला अनुरागी
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040905

लोक कथा से उपन्यास तक : निर्मला 
डॉ. राजेश कुमार
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040906

Eminent Indian Buddhist Scholars during Pāla Dynasty Period who Contributed in Establishing Relations with Tibet: In Perspective of Buddhism
Prabhat Kumar
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040907

Globally degradation of Environment: Issues and Challenges
Prabhash Nath Jha
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040908

Environmental Pollution and Biodiversity
Kamlesh Kumar
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040909

The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015: An Appraisal
Arvind Kumar Jha
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040910

श्वेताश्वतरोपनिषद्भाष्यस्य शङ्करकर्तृकत्वविमर्श: (सिद्धान्तपक्ष:)
Dr. Radhaknata Panda
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040911

टीवी सीरियल और  कन्याभ्रूण हत्या
डॉ. बलराम बिन्द
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040912

The Theme of Sanctions and Identity Crisis in the Poetry of Kamala Das and Imtiaz Dharker
Ritu Kumari, Dr. Mantosh Kumar Pandey
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040913

Quality Physical Education for Rejuvenation of Health
Dr. Kishore Mukhopadhyay
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040914

Yoga Reduces Performance Anxiety among Board Exam Aspirants
Anshu, Ramesh Kumar, Saloni Malik, Dr. Narendra Singh
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040915

Ragging: Meaning, Definition and Historical Background
Madan Mohan Shahi
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040916

Shatkarma and its Mode of Action: A Review
Rajesh Ranjan, Dr. Neeru Nathani
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040917

Penning against the Talibans: a Study of Women Journalist’s Role in Tackling Radicalization
S.K. Abbasuddin
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040918

Characteristics of Buddhist Monastic Education in Ancient India
Le Dinh Son (Ven. Thich Giac Lam)
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DOI: 10.51879/PIJSSL/040919