Volume - 5, Issue - 9

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Marginalization and Levels of Privilege within Underprivileged Groups in Ancient Education System in India: An Intersectional Comparison of Karna and Eklavya
Anshu, Sonjoy Dutta Roy
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Role of U.S.A. in Facilitating Indo-Pak CBM Process since the End of Cold War
Dr. Duryodhan Nahak
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The White Tiger and the Indian Novel: The Rise of Common Man as an Entrepreneur
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The Nature and Significance of deep-sleep (Suṣupti) mode of the Self: A Philosophical Reflection
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The US’s Lethal Drone Operation and the Ethics of Warfare
Abhimanyu Kumar Mishra
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Evolution of Feminist Literary Criticism
Dr. Ambri Sharma
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Changing Disability Discourse after Rights of Person with Disability (RPwD) Act of 2016 India
Hema Kumari
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Recession Dating for the Indian Economy in Perspective
Vineeta Sharma
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Role of Audience in Bhraamyamaan Theatre of Assam
Dr. Sanjib Kumar Baishya
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सिनेमा एवं साहित्य में शिक्षा के संदर्भ: एक अवलोकन
मुहम्मद शहीर सिद्दीकी
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