Volume - 6, issue - 9

Cover Page

The British Lion’s Triumph over the Bengal Tiger: The Royal Combat and the Allegory of Imperial Dominance
Jyotirmoy Das
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Human Resource Economic System
Rukhsana Rashid, Quarum Anwar
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Interpreting Bharati Mukherjee in the Context of Northeast India: The Question of Identity
Aparna Chatterjee, Dr. Shri Krishan Rai
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19th Century Anglo-Indian Cuisine: Negotiations of Cultural Identities
Adrija Guha
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Attitude of High School Teachers towards Population Education in Sivasagar District of Assam
Dr. Bidyananda Borkakoty
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Ethnic Clashes in Manipur: Conflict against Subaltern Subjugation
Dr. Pobon Kr. Gogoi
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A Study of Prevalence and Underlying Causes of Undernutrition among Santal Pre-School Children (1-5 Years) of West Bengal
Dr. Subhashis Sasmal
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Health Seeking Behavior and Post COVID-19 Collision on Reproductive Health among Rural Women in West Bengal: A Micro Level Analysis
Madhura Chowdhuri
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Discerning Sound Ethnobiology in the realm of Ethnomusicology: A Study of Deori Folk Musical Instruments
Atrayee Kashyap
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Ethnic Elements in Indian Population: An Overview on Racial Classifications
Aindrila Banerjee
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‘Dung and death’: Waste and desire in The Waste Land
Deeptesh Sen
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The Salvation of Mortal Pains in Kamala Das’s Poems through the Upanishadic Principles and Krishna Consciousness
Nirmalesh Kar
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Exploring Ruskin Bond’s Environment Ethics in His Selected Short Stories
Md. Mijanur Rahaman
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Interpreting India’s Vision in Central Asia: A Study of India-Kazakhstan Relations
Bijay Mondal
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Interpretation of "I am from there. In my mind, I live there" by Abdulrazak Gurnah: Post-colonial retreat for the re-establishment of Identity in Gravel Heart (2017) and Afterlives (2020)
Rezwan Ahmed
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'The Conscript' as a Hybrid Novel: Exploring Hybridity, Migration, and Identity Negotion in Hailu's Masterpiece
Desbele Teckle Tesfamariam
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Modern Teaching Methods in Action in Statistics Classes in West Bengal
Srikanta Sahu
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Convergences between India-ASEAN Relations in the Realm of Indo-Pacific
Keshav Verma, Gurvinder Kaur, Kriti Chopra, Sheetal Arya
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The Poetics of Affect Studies: Exploring Affective Turn to Gender, Culture and Society in Shashi Desh Pande's 'The Intrusion and Other Stories'
Sahin Reja Mondal
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Influence of Morning Walk and Pranayama on Physiological Variables of Sedentary Women
Kayum Sahid Bepari, Imran Ali, Dr. Subhabrata Kar
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An Overview of Entrepreneurship Development Programmes for Fostering Entrepreneurship
Sindhu Kumari Chauhan, Dr. Mukund Chandra Mehta
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Exploring Representations of Disability in Indian Children’s Literature: A Study of Two Select Texts 'Against All Odds' by Ramendra Kumar and 'Big Bully and M-Me' by Arti Sonthalia
Dr. Jayanta Madhab Tamuly, Kalyani Hazarika
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Impact of Gratitude Meditation on Happiness
Sunil K Srivastava, Dr. Raghuram.G
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Cognitive Disturbances among Migraineurs and Non-migraineurs
Dr. Ankita Kumari, Dr. Pratibha Singh
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The Third Gender: Blessings or Curse – A Sociological Overview about 21st Century Equality within Inequality
Debasmriti Chandra
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Political Communication Realization of Sragen Regent in the 2nd Period of the Second Year (2020/2022)
Herning Suryo Sardjono, Haryo Kusumo Aji
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Political Entrepreneurship: The Role of the European Commission and Sweden in Adopting Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) 2014-2020
Aysha Ashraf
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A Study on Impact of Green Marketing Influences on Consumers' Decision to Purchase Electric Vehicles in the Automobile Industry, with Reference to Raipur City
Shradha Sharma Mishra, Dr. Yasin Sheikh
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